2022 officer voting

To address voting and election rumors:

Union elections and voting:
IAFF 2881 Constitution and By Laws section 900
IAFF 2881 District 6 ByLaws section 400
** IAFF Local 2881 & it’s districts must comply with the International Association of Fireifghters Constitution and By Laws (parent labor body)

For union votes such as the MOU:
Secret Ballot in person
Once voting is completed, ballots envelopes are verified for membership and the ballot removed in Sacramento.
The ballots are then counted by general members in Sacramento. Each district selects a voting member. Voting is scheduled to start first week of November.

For union officers (district)
Secret ballot by mail is authorized by the by laws
Once ballots are mailed (after Oct. 20), members will have 20 days to vote and return mail the ballots.
Ballots are counted by 3 general members prior to the annual IAFF Local 2881 convention. (January 2023)

** Due to the MOU vote, the District 6 Ballots will be mailed once the MOU voting is completed (no later than Oct 28th)

The following is the list of received nominations for D6

Tyler Williams
Daniel Williams

Jorge Segura
Robert Davis
Mike Coonan
Danny Kitt
Gabe Bravo
Cameron Baber

The duties of District Officers are within the IAFF 2881 District 6 By Laws

New officers are required to attend the appropriate training for elected positions (or maybe removed or unable to act in the capacity they were elected for – ref IAFF local 2881 by laws)

** IAFF and IAFF Local 2881 constitution and by laws are available on the respective web site for union members.

*** IAFF 2881 District 6 by laws are available on the District 6 web site for union members.