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COVID questions labor/mgnt meeting 08/05/2020

The county health is directing the quarantine, not county fire / CALFIRE. The COVID team is only monitoring the situation.
The language needs to be cleaned up to make it clear that the COVID team is acting on behalf of and direction of County Health and collecting information on behalf of County Health.
Members are offered testing by county health;  members may go to private doctors to test, but they can not put in to be paid for testing.
Released from quarantine:
Positive test or symptoms- 24 hours no fever after 10 days quarantine from date of positive test.
Negative tests, end of quarantine period with negative test / no systems.
There will be a email from county health and the department to be released.
Engineer controls at open dorm stations – dividers to be put in using COVID funding

District update 8/2020

7.5% Pay Reduction and Postponement of 2-2.5% Raise 

June 30, 2020

Brothers and Sisters of CAL FIRE Local 2881:

We have reached a tentative agreement concerning the proposed reduction in the state’s budget. Below is a summary of the side letter agreements. Please note that from the beginning, CAL FIRE Local 2881 strongly opposed any monetary impact on our membership. Due to the budget deficit of the State of California, caused by COVID-19, it became apparent that we needed to work cooperatively with the administration to mitigate the impacts to Bargaining Unit 8. This tentative agreement is due to the long hours put in by the bargaining team and our lead negotiator, Gary Messing.

L2881 Bargaining Unit 8
Summary of Side Letter Agreements

1. 7.5% base salary reduction from July 2020 through June 2021.

2. July 2020 salary adjustments of 2% and 2.5% deferred until July 1, 2021.

3. During the one year of reductions, 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3 employees to receive 16 hours of PLP per pay period and 8.4 employees to receive 14 hours PLP per pay period.

4. The reductions will not change salary levels for the purpose of determining overtime, retirement level, cash out of leave credits upon separation from employment.

5. During the one-year period of reductions, the employees’ OPEB contributions of 4.4% will be suspended.

6. Henceforth, beginning July 2020, the clock for EDWC and UPOT shall be 53 hours.

7. During the year of reductions, MOU 17.14 is amended to allow year-round Fire Mission pay.

8. PLPs must be used before any other leave, except sick leave, for which it may be used at the employee’s option. It may be used like vacation/annual leave and may be cashed out upon separation from state service.

9. PLPs will not affect any other monetary benefits, seniority, insurance benefits, service credit, break in service, transfers, workers’ compensation, or disability compensation.

10. There will be no other compensation reductions for BU8 employees during the one-year period of reductions. The state may restore reductions based on state or federal funding.


Darren Dow
State Rank & File Director

The Reduction Comp 20-21 Calculator can be used to help plan for your reduction in pay.

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