District VI General Membership Meeting

November 21, 2019
District VI Union Hall
21160 Box Springs Rd, 
Moreno Valley, CA 92557

1300                General Membership Meeting

Call to Order

Officer Roll Call

Introduction of Guests

Reading and Adoption of the Minutes

Finance Report


  1. Phones, Website, Computers

Committee Report

  1. RRU Committees; OSS (Cluff/Garcie), Apparatus (G. Juncker), Equipment (White), Safety (Rye), Inside CAL FIRE (Garcia/Hofshi), Truck (White), Response Review (Hofshi), Facility (Brandt/White)
  2. Force Hire (Garcie/Boctor/Williams)
  3. Non-class Medic working group (Brandt/Dofelmire)

Rank and File Report

Unfinished Business

  1. Politics (Garcia/Dofelmire)
  2. Union Hall Update
  3. Sac L2881 Update (Davis)
  4. Union Engine (Boctor)
  5. Membership Update
  6. Hiring Update
  7. Bargaining Update
  8. 2019 Officer Election
  9. Convention Jackets (Park)

New Business

  1. 2020 Convention Delegate Vote
  2. Convention Delegate Shirt Sizes
  3. Vacant District Position

Open Discussion